Healthy skin starts with a good foundation - and it means exfoliation!

As we age, our skin cells regenerate at a slower rate and can start to accumulate on the skin's surface, leading to a dull, dry and uneven complexion. 

Exfoliation is an important step in any skincare routine. By removing dead skin cells, exfoliation can help to prevent breakouts, unclog pores, and even out skin tone. In addition, regular exfoliation can also help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

There are various ways to exfoliate, ranging from physical scrubs to chemical peels. However, it's important to find the right method for your skin type. Over-exfoliating can damage the skin, so starting slowly and increasing frequency gradually is important.

But which one is right for you? Let's look at the different types of exfoliation and find out why. With regular exfoliation, you can enjoy healthy, glowing skin.

Different types of exfoliation

There are various exfoliation products on the market, from gentle formulas designed for daily use to more powerful ones for weekly use. Also, there are products for the face and the ones adaptable to the skin on your body.


Scrubs typically contain small, abrasive particles that help loosen and remove dead skin cells.

FRENCH CAFÉ body polish

Scrubs can help slough away dead skin cells, revealing the healthy and radiant skin beneath. In addition, scrubs can help to unclog pores and prevent breakouts.

Not all scrubs are created equal. However, be sure to choose a formula that is gentle enough for your skin type.

If you have sensitive skin, look for a scrub with smaller particles or sugar scrub instead of a salt scrub.

For dry skin, choose a scrub that contains moisturizing ingredients like natural oils or butters.

And for those with oily skin, look for a clarifying scrub that contains ingredients like lemon or grapefruit. With so many options available, it’s easy to find a perfect scrub for your skin type.

At ELUCX, we pride ourselves on crafting high-quality body scrubs or body polishes. Our body polishes are designed for exfoliating your body to give your skin a radiant, healthy glow.

Our four different formulas are each designed with a specific ‘’mood’’ in mind while tackling the dryness and dullness of the skin.

Our scrubs are made with natural ingredients and are free of harsh chemicals. They are packed with natural butters that nourish and revitalize the skin.

  • RELAX: a floral scent

  • DETOX: refreshing on the skin due to mint and eucalyptus essential oils

  • LAVENDER & VANILLA: blend of the delicate scent of lavender and vanilla essential oils

  • FRENCH CAFE: the essence of coffee for a coffee lover

We apply our body polish/scrub to wet skin in circular motions and rinse off with warm water. For best results, use 1-2 times per week.

texture of ELUCX detox body polish

You can read more about them here.

Facial clay masks

The skin on our face is much more sensitive than our body, so it's important to be extra careful when exfoliating and using the appropriate product for your skin type.

One of the most gentle and effective ways to exfoliate facial skin is with a clay mask. Clay masks contain ingredients that help absorb excess oil and remove impurities from the skin.

a lady with her facial clay mask

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What is a facial clay mask?

A facial clay mask is a type of face mask applied as a thick paste to the skin. It typically contains minerals and other ingredients that help to cleanse and detoxify the skin.

Clay masks are often used to treat oily or acne-prone skin, as they can help remove excess oil and impurities from the skin. In addition, clay masks can also help exfoliate the skin, unclog pores, and remove dead skin cells.

There are a variety of clays, each with its own unique benefits. Here are our recommendations based on each skin type:

PINK CLAY Botanical Facial Mask 

  • Made with pink kaolin clay and organic rose powder

  • suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin type.

Rhassoul Clay Mask 

  • Moroccan Rhassoul clay makes a great skin cleanser due to its anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and antiseptic qualities

  • suitable on combination skin type

ZEN GLOW Facial Mask 

  • made of Kaolin White Clay, Rice Powder, Japanese Matcha Green Tea Extract and Seaweed Extract.

  • suitable to all skin types

  • restore ‘’glow’’ to the skin

DETOX facial mask 

  • among the ingredients, there are activated charcoal and French green clay

  • suitable for oily skin type

Patch testing is essential for any new skincare product. It's important to start slowly and increase frequency gradually.

Chemical peels

A chemical peel is a procedure that uses a chemical solution to remove the top layer of the skin.

There are a variety of chemical peels available, ranging from gentle formulas to more powerful ones.

For a more intense exfoliation, peels are an option. Unlike scrubs, which only remove the surface layer of dead skin cells, peels penetrate deeper into the skin to treat wrinkles, scars and uneven skin tone. Please consult an experimented dermatologist if you wish to explore this option.

Chemical exfoliants

Chemical exfoliants, such as glycolic acid work by dissolving the bonds that hold dead skin cells together. This allows the dead cells to be sloughed off, revealing new, healthy skin. It is usually used to treat acne. Byrdie has an article discussing glycolic acid products' main benefits and uses in a skincare routine. You can read more on the subject here.

Physical exfoliants

Physical exfoliants, such as microdermabrasion work by sanding the top layer of the skin to remove dead skin cells. Microdermabrasion is a procedure that a dermatologist usually performs. However, microdermabrasion kits for in-home use are readily available on the market. 

There are necessary steps one needs to follow when using a microdermabrasion tool at home to avoid ruining your skin. We would suggest you read this article before purchasing and using one of these tools. 

Another in-home device employed as a physical exfoliant: exfoliating gloves use a gentle abrasion to sand away the top layer of dead skin cells. Good Housekeeping has compiled a list of the best exfoliating gloves. 

And let’s not forget a good old loofah! A loofah could be made of natural material or synthetic, such as nylon. If you are interested in looking into this bath accessory, check out this article from Byrdie. They have tested them out and compiled a list of favourites.

So, which type of exfoliation is right for you? It really depends on your individual skin type and needs.

For example, if you have sensitive skin, you may want to stick to a gentle scrub or at-home device.

Those with more resilient skin can opt for a stronger peel or scrub. Consult a reputable dermatologist to receive the appropriate advice for your skin type.

The bottom line is that exfoliation is an important step of any skincare routine. By removing dead skin cells, exfoliation can help brighten the complexion and improve the skin's overall appearance.

So what is your favourite method of exfoliation? Let us know in the comments below!

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