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Elucx Natural Skin Care


If you are looking for the perfect gift for new mommies and daddies Elucx Natural Skin Care has an affordable giftbasket full of four must-have baby essentials! The best part? This set is 100% natural so that is one less thing for parents to worry about! Whew!

First off, I want to tell you about Elucx’s BEST SELLING Baby Bum Butter!
Elucx Baby Bum Butter is handcrafted with organic natural oils, herbs and essentiel oils to protect baby’ssensitive skin. The oils have been previously infused with organic flowers in order to extract the most of its medicinal properties.
You can use this butter after each diaper change! As a new cloth diapering mama, it is nice to find something nice and natural I can use on baby’s bum! This butter shouldn’t build up in my diapers!

Next in the basket is the unscented super balm!
This balm is carefully crafted with natural butters and essential oils safe for baby. This balm comes in a 0.5 oz tin container & it is quite concentrated, therefore you just need a little bit to moisturize any area. I’ll be stashing one of these in my baby bag!

The set also comes with Elucx’s baby body powder and is made with the best ingriedients : Kaolin Clay, Tapioca starch, Arrowroot powder, Calendula infused oil, Lavender essential oil. Yet another item that will prove to be handy in my diaper bag! Score!

AND, last but not least is Elucx’s Baby massage oil!
This oil is made with chamomile and calendula and is ultra calming! This is easily one of my favorites because I believe little baby massages are a great way to connect with baby!

This set is valued at $59.74, and has a little bit of everything to start you off in the right direction! We love Elucx’s products and are so excited to have discovered them! Be sure to visit their Etsy shop by clicking here or at www.elucx.com and let them know Lotusbebarefoot sent you!

Have a blessed a lovely day!



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